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Master the art of creating stylish and functional travel capsules. Style guide for 22 destinations and packing tips from a seasoned traveller.
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About the Book
Say goodbye to the days of overpacking and resorting to wearing the same pair of jeans and T-shirts on your travels. Bid adieu to looking like a tourist amidst well-dressed locals. Farewell, the anxiety which comes with the question, "What do I pack?". "Travel With Style" is here to transform the way you pack for your trip.
This book invites you to harness the power of mini-capsules for your journeys. You’ll discover how to curate outfits that resonate with your personal style and your destination’s attributes. You’ll find packing and styling suggestions for the world’s top 20 destinations, including Berlin, Cambodia, the Greek Islands, Dubai, and Tokyo, as well as skiing and safari. Additionally, you’ll gain access to a treasure trove of packing tips from a seasoned traveller, from space-saving techniques to garment care advice. Available in paperback and e-book on Amazon.
Travel With Style" is more than a book - it's Anastasia's manifesto for a meaningful life that balances style, adventure, culture, and authentic connections
This book is a treasure trove of fashionable wisdom and travel insights
This book is for
23, web designer
27, Product Owner
Always packs too much but wears jeans and t-shirts the entire trip.
Always packs too much and has to pay for extra kilos at the airport.
40, Author
Always finds she’s missing something when she gets to the destination.
“Travel With Style” provides detailed information on what you need to consider when packing and packing lists to ensure you don’t forget anything.
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About the Author
Meet Anastasia - a seasoned globetrotter, former travel blogger, and fashion enthusiast. With a globe-spanning resume that includes residence in nine countries on four continents and stamps from over 40 countries, Anastasia has packed more suitcases than she can count.

Anastasia spent her early years on a picturesque Mediterranean island, where her love for travel and aesthetics first took root. By the time she turned 17, she had travelled across much of the Middle East and Europe. She pursued her studies in the UK and south of France, soaking in the new cultures, manners and style.

Upon completing her studies, Anastasia embarked on a new chapter in London, where she forged a career that allowed her to travel the world. At this time, she launched her travel blog, which enabled collaborations with renowned brands and granted her access to some of the world's most exclusive locations. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to launch several businesses, all focused on the world of travel. From running a boutique holiday lettings agency to pioneering a virtual travel platform during the pandemic, Anastasia brought vision and innovation to the travel industry.
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Kenya, 2018
Dubai, 2020
Bali, 2023
Dubai, 2021
Lebanon, 2018
Mozambique, 2017
Cyprus, 2018
Monaco, 2019
Indonesia, 2018
Barcelona, 2020
Bali, 2023
Bali, 2023
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